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The Annals of Saint Anne is a religious catholic magazine that is published 6 times yearly. Founded in 1874, it now boasts an average of 18,000 subscribers and addresses all Christian families with its spiritual, moral and social content. The French version is totally different and contains even more variety: it reaches more than 42,000 homes, and is printed 9 times yearly. Both magazines aim to evangelize families and propagate Christian faith in our modern world. Care to find out why so many people enjoy reading The Annals?

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How to know?

Yes, how can we know that a pope or a president, a prime minister, a cardinal, a priest, or an educator is chosen by God to be placed in authority? It is a crucial issue, particularly because it happens that the persons in authority are not necessarily ready, humanly and spiritually speaking, to fulfill their task of service as entrusted to them by
God. (...)

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When Jorge Bergoglio appeared on the balcony at the Vatican on March 13, 2013 as the new leader of the Catholic Church, he made history as the first non-European pope in nearly 1300 years, the first Latin American and the first Jesuit.  The new pope then made an unusual request.  Instead of blessing the crowd, he asked them to pray for him. (…)

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