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The Annals of Saint Anne is a religious catholic magazine that is published 6 times yearly. Founded in 1874, it now boasts an average of 18,000 subscribers and addresses all Christian families with its spiritual, moral and social content. The French version is totally different and contains even more variety: it reaches more than 42,000 homes, and is printed 9 times yearly. Both magazines aim to evangelize families and propagate Christian faith in our modern world. Care to find out why so many people enjoy reading The Annals?

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Editor’s Desk

Many articles in this issue will share with you the history of the Christmas Wreath from various angles and different memories. My editorial targets another goal, which is to thank the Church for inviting us into Advent. A wonderful time of preparation to the Feast Day of Christmas.

Though the Jewish People didn’t have a Feast of Christmas, they had periods of preparation before each of their important feast days. Our Mother Church took those wonderful weeks of preparation, Advent, from the Jewish tradition. A time of prayer that makes us sing and meditate the profound and timeless evocation: “O come, Emmanuel”. (...)

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Flagship Article

Woman…His Channel of Peace  by Barbara T. McElroy

Mom’s Untidy Advent Wreath

It wasn’t until I was in college that I became familiar with the lovely devotion of the Advent wreath. That’s when my parents became aware of the practice, too, and implemented it, at least partially, at home.

Mom was a very neat person and maintained a very tidy and clean home, though each child was expected to contribute toward that cleanliness and order. During the pre-dishwasher era, each evening after dinner we older children rotated the tasks of washing and drying the dishes. On Saturdays, we were each assigned a room to dust. (I loathed dusting but had to take my turn.) (…)

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