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The Annals of Saint Anne is a religious catholic magazine that is published 6 times yearly. Founded in 1874, it now boasts an average of 18,000 subscribers and addresses all Christian families with its spiritual, moral and social content. The French version is totally different and contains even more variety: it reaches more than 42,000 homes, and is printed 9 times yearly. Both magazines aim to evangelize families and propagate Christian faith in our modern world. Care to find out why so many people enjoy reading The Annals?

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120 years!

Phew! 120 years ... It is difficult for me to measure the period covered by these 12 decades, I who for all my life, does not accumulate five. 120 years is more than an average life; it is more than a century of industrial, technological and cultural changes ... it is two world wars, it is a war ad Vietnam aeternam, it is the horror of the Holocaust, the sinking of the Titanic, an unforgivable genocide in Africa; it is the rise and fall of music on vinyl and the arrival of digital music, the apogee and the decay of photography on paper, the birth and virtual disappearance of the telephone by wire. These 120 years saw the television screen arrive, then the color, then the slimming cure of the device, the multiplication of channels, the advent of the analog cable, then satellite and finally optic fiber. (…)

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Flagship Article

The Redemptorists and Saint Ann Magazines

The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (C.SS.R.), a community of Roman Catholic priests and lay brothers, was founded by Saint Alfonso Maria de Liguori at Scala, Italy, a small town near Naples, in 1732.  The religious community, who preached the Gospel to the poor in the hill country outside of Naples, spread to Northern Europe then to North America.  In 1832, the first Redemptorists travelled to Cincinnati from Vienna and worked among the German immigrants. Many members of the Congregation from the United States eventually settled in Canada, making their first foundation in 1874 at St.Patrick’s Church in Quebec City. (…)

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